Margaret Meyer

I served in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps from 1943-1946.

My sister Rosalie and I were interested in nursing, and the Cadet Nurse Corps gave us a great opportunity. Our schooling was paid for by the government to help with the nurse shortage due to WWII. Rosalie was about a year behind me in school.

My schooling took place at Petersburg General Hospital, Petersburg, VA. The hospital sent me for specialty training rotations for 3 months in pediatrics at Bainbridge Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, then 2 months for OB at Lying-In, Pennsyvania University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. In addition, my sister Rosalie and I did a psychiatric training rotation. I then graduated as a Registered Nurse.

My sister and I went to Florida for one winter, working nights as nurses and enjoying the beaches during the day.

Margaret Meyer Polglase: 

  • Moved to Indianapolis to take care of my aunt.
  • Moved to Richmond, VA, to work at Richmond Medical College as a floor nurse for surgical patients until 1953.
  • Moved to Madison, WI, to work at University Hospital on Men's 6W surgical floor
  • Went to work at Davis Duhr Eye Clinic as an ophthalmology surgical nurse for remaining career until 1984.

Rosalie Meyer Bean: 

  • Moved to Goleta, CA
  • Worked as a nurses at Cedars Hospital in Santa Barbara, CA, for her career.

I wrote letters to my mom and dad during my Cadet Nurse Corps years. My mom kept them all, and I got them back when my mom passed away.

Letter Notables: 

  • B25 airplane crashed into the 79-80th floors of the Empire State Building in August 1945.
  • One 1/2 cent Martha Washington stamps used to mail letters in 1947.
Last Name in Nursing School: 
Meyer Polglase
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Relationship Status: 
Cadet Nurse
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Nursing School: 
Petersburg General Hospital, Petersburg, Virginia
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Margaret Mayer Polglase
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