Accessibility Statement

 Some individuals may require auxiliary aids, adaptive equipment or specialized software to navigate through or access information on a website. Relatively simple website design features can facilitate access by these users. A poorly designed website, on the other hand, may be inaccessible to some users. Often design decisions made to improve access for users with disabilities will benefit other users as well.

We have endeavored to make the website accessible to all users, compatible with screen readers as well as other assistive technologies. However, it is possible that some users may encounter problems accessing some pages. Please bring these problems to our attention so that we can work to resolve them when resolution is within our control.
We have used the following strategies to ensure accessibility for users with disabilities: 
  • Provide equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content
  • Do not rely on color to convey information
  • Provide text equivalents to images and multimedia content
  • Present content in a way that is compatible with older browsers, existing auxiliary aids and users who choose to turn off features such as scripts