Cadet Nurse Pledge

Cadet Nurses Marching to Pledge. Courtesy Thelma Robinson.
Cadet Nurse Induction March,
University of Minnesota


Induction Parade in Nashville, May 1944
Cadet Nurse Induction March,
Vanderbilt University,
May 1944.


What U.S. Cadet Nurses promised....

Each U.S. Cadet Nurse swore to the following:

At this moment of my induction into the United States Cadet Nurse Corps of the United States Public Health Service: 

I am solemnly aware of the obligations I assume toward my country and toward my chosen profession;

I will follow faithfully the teachings of my instructors and the guidance of the physicians with whom I work;

I will hold in trust the finest traditions of nursing and the spirit of the Corps;

I will keep my body strong, my mind alert, and my heart steadfast;

I will be kind, tolerant, and understanding;

Above all, I will dedicate myself now and forever to the triumph of life over death.

As a Cadet Nurse, I pledge to my country my service in essential nursing for the duration of the war.