Jane Fasano Crochiere

My mom is 93 and graduated from Cadet Nursing in 1946. She worked until 1980 and raised 6 kids with my dad, who she met and married in Yonkers. She has 17 grand kids, 37 great grand kids, and 3 great, great grand kids. Two daughters are nurses. Two grand daughters are also nurses. We'll wait and see how many more will follow in her footsteps. Mom grew up with no money, in the Adirondack mountains, and the Cadet Nurse Corps afforded her an education. Her life has been amazing. Story books are written about, and too long to go into detail. Just thought people should know about her.

Last Name in Nursing School: 
Fasano Crochiere
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Relationship Status: 
Cadet Nurse
Relative of a Cadet Nurse
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Nursing School: 
Cochran School of Nursing, St. John's Riverside Hospital, Yonkers, New York
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New York
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