Cadet Nurse Corps Archive at Arizona State University

At this link are Cadet Nurse Corps related resources from 3 contributors: 

  1. Arizona State University Retirees Association's Video History Interview with Ellamae Branstetter. After World War II, Ellamae went on to help build the nursing program at ASU. This interview was taken in 2007.
  2. Joyce Finch Oral History Project. Joyce Finch was a Cadet Nurse who conducted oral history interviews with 25 Cadet Nurses toward the end of their careers in the 1980s. Original cassette tapes and hardcopy of the interview transcripts are in the ASU Archive. Elsie Szecsy digitized the transcripts so they are available to others online.
  3. Elsie Szecsy Papers. Elsie has digitized the complete set of Cadet Nurse News newsletters, the scores of the Cadet Nurse Hymn and Cadet Nurse March, photographs, a dataset of Cadet Nurse enrollment in Arizona Schools of Nursing, as well as conference papers and presentations.
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