Virginia Spohn Doherty

I entered St. Charles Hospital School of Nursing in Aurora, Illinois, in August of 1944 as a member of the Cadet Nurse Corps. I graduated in June of 1947. Shortly after that I went to work at the Harris Hospital in Mendota, Illinois. The hospital was a large old home that had been converted to a hospital much as many hospitals of the era in the small towns. The Hospital was owned by Dr. Charles Harris. Everyone called him "Doc Charley." He and another Dr. -- Dr. Musick ran the hospital and were responsible for the health care of a large rural area at that time. He knew me since I was a child, and all the time I was employed there he always addressed me as "kid"! I don't know if he ever really remembered my first name. I married my husband the following May and moved to Peoria, Illinois, where he was a GI student finishing a degree at Bradley University.

I was so surprised to find the publications concerning the Cadet Nurse Corps on the Internet. I really did not know there was any current data on the Corps and was delighted with my findings. I immediately ordered -- and have received three of the publications. Now, at the age of 91, I just hope I get them all read. Thank you for updating me with a most memorable time of my life. My nursing career has offered me a continuum of continuing learning experiences for most of my life. I continued to work part time until I was 73 years of age and can truthfully say -- I have often wondered why I retired.

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Spohn Doherty
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Cadet Nurse
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St. Charles Hospital School of Nursing, Aurora, Illinois
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