Florine (Sue) Siff Harowitz

Sue Harowitz was a Cadet Nurse at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sue reminds us of the words of the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps March


The Maltese Cross in marching again,
To answer the call
A new crusade, we give our care to valorous men
To heroes and all
Who need our aid.
Cadets in grey are here to carry along
The Valiant fight to keep America strong.


W're the Cadets, we're in the Corps
Doing our part to help the nation win the War
Doing the job we're chosen for
United States Cadet Nurse Corps
Working together day and night,
Guarding our country's strength and might,
From coast to coast we'll sing a toast
Student Nurses of the Corps.

We serve our land with mind and hand
Our pledge, we give to help preserve a world
Where free men live
Our lamps we light, our hearts unite,
From shor to shore
Hail Cadet Nurse Corps.
We're the Cadet Nurses
Serve our land, with heart and hand,
From shore to shore, hail Cadet Nurse Corps.

Program for the Capping Exercise of Sue's Class of September 1947

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Cadet Nurse
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Mt. Sinai Hospital School of Nursing, Baltimore, Maryland
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