Georgia Anne Scott Poplar

BSN: Mary Manse College, Toledo, Ohio
MSN: University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
Positions:  Director of Nursing, Hospital Administrator, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator 1972.  Retired in 1991 at age 67.  Have my medals and arm patches yet.

I signed up in the Cadet Nurse Sorps on June 21, 1943. After I graduated from nurse's training, I married a gentleman who was in the submarines ten years, both regular Navy and reserves. During our marriage I worked as a staff nurse in hospitals close to his bases. Whe we started our family, we located in Toledo, Ohio, while working full time I obtained my MSN. I was moved up the administration ladder every couple of years while obtaining my degrees. I ended up as a director of nurses and assistant hospital administrator with 15 years of service in a small hospital. In 1972 I was appointed assistant administrator and director of nurses in a larger hospital. This hospital also had 144 apartments for the elderly and a 299 unit long term care facility. When the government decided to license long term care, my administration requested I go for long term care licensure, which I did. I also became a fellow in the American College of Health Care Administration after 18 years at this facility. I retired at age 67 in 1991.

I am now living in a retirement facility which covers apartments to hospice care. Many of my classmates have passed away, but as I come in contact with former nurses, I make them aware of and your activities.

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Scott Poplar
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Cadet Nurse
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St. Vincent's Hospital School of Nursing, Toledo, Ohio
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