Sara Jane Overstreet

Loreen Phillips moved to Atlanta, Georgia, from Arkansas during WWII for the Cadet Nurse Corps program at Georgia Baptist Hospital. A decade later she married, earned a Master's from Emory Univ c1963, then earned a Doctorate in 1978 from the University of South Carolina. She retired as Professor Emeritus from the University System of Georgia. I have her service number in one of her textbooks. When I wrote to the Army for her records, they said Mother's had burned along with many others in St. Louis. Too bad! I have tried to learn about the Cadet Nurse Corps from general purpose reading.

Loreen Phillips Overstreet, EdD died in 2008. I never knew my mother to shy away from helping any form of medical need. Mother was the best nurse I ever saw and could save a life with her hands, her wit, and that "I'm In Charge" attitude. I would like to hear from anyone who knew her during her time in the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps.

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