Clara Rebecca Nourse Sumpter

January 17, 1927 - November 25, 2011

Becky Sumpter, 84, passed away Nov. 25, 2011, in her home at Bonita Creek, Arizona. She was born Jan. 17, 1927 to William Kenneth Compton Nourse and Emily Maud Nourse in Tucson, Ariz. As a young girl, Becky spent much of her time outside enjoying the variety of birds and animals and the diverse plant life the Sonoran desert had to offer. Being home-schooled, she had many hours each day to wander the land in the shadows of the Catalina Mountains.

Mrs. Sumpter attended the University of Arizona where she studied library science. During her early years of study she decided to take a nursing class and discovered her passion — taking care of people. World War II was raging and she joined the Cadet Nurse Corps program and became a registered nurse. Becky trained at St. Monica’s Hospital in Phoenix and, over the years, shared many amazing stories of “nursing in the old days.”


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Nourse Sumpter
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Cadet Nurse
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Santa Monica's Hospital School of Nursing, Phoenix, Arizona
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Portrait of Clara Rebecca Nourse Sumpter
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