Marian Marcella McRaith Tope

January 16, 1924 - February 17, 2013

Always the adventurer, Marian joined the Cadet Nurse Corps at 17. She trained at St. Catherine's College - St. Joseph's school of nursing, and, upon graduation, was stationed with many of her fellow graduates at Fort Whipple in Prescott. At Whipple, Marian made many lifelong friends whom she treasured to her dying day. Along with friends, Marian met and married a recovering Navy man, Allen Tope, with whom she had four children.

Nursing for Marian was not just a career; it was a way of life. Along with nurturing her family, she cared for Phoenix patients in ICU and Orthopedics; eventually retiring from active nursing in 1987 as head nurse of oncology at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.


Last Name in Nursing School: 
McRaith Tope
Email address:
Relationship Status: 
Cadet Nurse
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Nursing School: 
St. Catherine's College - St. Joseph's School of Nursing
Portrait of Marian Marcella McRaith Tope