K. Mardell Urich

Our training as a Nurse Cadet was a bit different. Memorial Hospital built a new hospital, and we were housed in the old hospital -- we slept in the old hospital beds and had antiquated dressers and little furniture as such. They transported us to the new hospital in a small bus, or we walked 9 or 10 blocks for classes or work. Our clinical training started very early in training, and one worked all shifts and had to be in class each day. My last 6 months of training was spent in pediatrics at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, which prepared me for caring for our six children later on. Upon graduating, I worked at a small hospital in Pekin, Illinois, on the 11-7 shift. After marriage I worked private duty, making $12 for 8 hours (and thought I was well paid at the time). I am so indebted to Uncle Sam for furnishinng me with such great nurse's training -- free, and even receiving $20 per month. I am proud to have been a part of the Nurse Cadet program and in so doing, contributed to that great war effort.

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Mardell Urich
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Cadet Nurse
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Springfield Memorial School of Nursing, Springfield, Illinois
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