Shevaun Horan Beck

I attended Santa Rosa School of Nursing from 1944-1947.  Although this was a diploma school it was part of Incarnate Word College (now known as The University of the Incarnate Word).  Because of the Associate Degree in Science that I earned from San Antonio Junior College, I was placed in a very small group of other students who had college credits.  We attended special classes as well as regular classes with the other students.  In 1944, 120 students were admitted to the USCNC and in 1947 80 of us graduated.  Three of us received a BSN  from Incarnate Word College as well as a diploma from Santa Rosa School of Nursing. In 1972, I was awarded a MS in Education from A&I university-Kingsville and in 1987 a PhD in Nursing from University of Texas-Austin. I taught nursing for 35 years and retired in 1995 from Texas A&M-Corpus Christ.  I hope the billl passes.

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Horan Beck
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Cadet Nurse
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Santa Rosa School of Nursing, San Antonio, Texas
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San Antonio
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