Barbara Louise Hofstra Almy

February 22, 1925 - June 12, 2012

Barbara Louise Hofstra Almy graduated from Nursing School in 1947 and continued in nursing until she retired from South Shore Hospital Nursing Administration in 1987.

She often spoke of her service as a cadet nurse. Barbara would always joke about how she met her husband under a bed at the MGH.The truth is after the war her husband to be was a volunteer orderly at the hospital. He heard the sound of breaking glass coming from a patient's room and went in to investigate.The patient dropped a glass urinal on the floor so he knelt down next to the bed to clean up the glass not realizing Barbara was knelt down on the other side picking up pieces of glass. She said their eyes met and it was love at first sight.They married August 28,1948. As a prank they would tell people their oldest daughter was born August 21st to see how people would react. Shortly later the would tell the truth; their daughter was born August 21st 1949. Two more daughters and a son came later.Barbara retired as the Quality Care Director at South Shore Hospital in So.Weymouth, about 15 miles south of Boston. They bought their first home in Halifax, MA, near Plymouth in 1965.

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Hofstra Almy
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Cadet Nurse
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Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Boston, Massachusetts
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