Dorothy Heiliger Mericle

I graduated from high school in 1945 and immediately enlisted in the Cadet Nurse Corp. I was just seventeen years and four months! Nebraska had a minimum age of 17 1/2 to enter the Corp, without special consent. My nurses training was provided at Lincoln (Nebraska) General Hospital, with special courses at the University of Nebraska. I completed my training in the fall of 1948, which after passing State Board exams was certified as a Register Nurse. The war being over. I did serve at Lincoln General Hospital, transferring to Riverside (California) Community Hospital and finally completed my career as a Pediatrics Nurse with 26 years of service! Without the Nurse Corp, I would not have had the opportunity to pursue this excellent profession! 

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Heiliger Mericle
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Cadet Nurse
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Lincoln General Hospital, Lincoln, Nebraska
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