Marie Fehlow

I was eager to join the Cadet Nurse Corps in 1943 when Congress passed the Bolton Act. The stipend attracted me! Do I remember correctly? Ten dollars a month 1st year of training, $15/month 2nd year, and $20/month 3rd year. My sister had joined the WAAC, and I was ready to go!By the time I was graduated, 1946, the war was over, and I had moved up to charge nurse in the delivery room at Quincy City Hospital, but I didn't want to live in the same house, same street, same town all my life. So I spend many a day off at the Boston Army Base saying, "Here I am!" Two years later, May 1948, they called me and with two weeks' notice off I went.I met my husband, career army, before I finished basic training at the Medical Field Service School, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, but I had joined the army to see the world, and I said good bye. No need to go on, but I had a wonderful military wife life, and it all started with the Cadet Nurse Corps!I am a charter member of the Women's Memorial.They say I'm known in the community for my volunteerism supporting Jordan Hospital, the Friends of the Council on Aging, Cranberry Hospice and other organizations.I was born in Plymouth to Italian immigrants and am a mother of three and a community activist.

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Cadet Nurse
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Qunicy City Hospital School of Nursing, Quincy, Massachusetts
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