Douglas L Emerson, Jr.

My mother, Elaine Etter Emerson, took training at the Alexandria Hospital School of Nursing in Alexandria, Virginia.  She traveled from her hometown of Waynesboro, Pa. in 1944 and graduated in 1946.  She stayed in Alexandria where she worked in the hospital ER and married a fireman.  She started a family of 3 in 1949 and remained in nursing for 35 years.  I am very proud to be the son of a Cadet Nurse.  I have supported the cause to get them recognized as "home front" veterans and in 2002 was able to get the Senate of Virginia to pass a joint proclamation #230 recognizing the contributions Cadet Nurses have made to this country.  I will always support the cause for just recognition.  Thank you to all of the CADET NURSES. Thank you mom.

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