Joye G Debell Megow

I have been a participant in the [Harvard] Nurse Health Studies since about its beginning, and in my update of NHS News this month they had an excellent article on the Cadet Nurse Corps. So many of my colleagues have passed on, so I have to commend you for your long endeavor to get recognition for our service. I am 88 now and won't live to see it happen, but I do appreciate your efforts.I was stationed at Saint Albans Naval Hospital on Long Island, New York, in 1945 for 6 months and worked on the paraplegic and burn wards. These young men were our age and I still remember the pitiful and painful ordeal of putting them in water and peeling off burned skin. We also worked with those who were having skin grafts from one part of their body attaching it to other areas to rebuild their faces and other damaged body areas. I still remember those faces as well. It has an honor to serve these hurting, wounded men who endured so much.I worked as an RN until I retired.Don't you or your associates give up on your mission.

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Debell Megow
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