Isabel Cradduck Cicero

I completed my nurse training at the Alfred University School of Nursing in 1948. Due to the war ending I was not required to enlist in military service. However, while undergoing our training we were required to volunteer at the local hospital due to the shortage of nurses. My training included affiliations with Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (Pediatrics); Willard State Hospital, NY (Psychiatry); and Tuberculosis Hospital, Mt. Morris, NY (Contagious Diseases).I would not have been able to receive my nursing education if not for the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps and gone on to serve many hours in Nursing and at age 60 formed a business to make it possible for the elderly to remain at home versus a nursing home. The business completed 25 years of service in April 2012.My life has been truly blessed and much credit goes to my education as a Cadet in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps.

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Cradduck Cicero
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Cadet Nurse
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Alfred University School of Nursing, Alfred, New York
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New York
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