Ellamae Branstetter

Passed away on April 29, 2013, at age 90.

Ellamae Branstetter was the 8th & youngest child of Murray & Ellen (Purcell) Branstetter. Her early years and schooling were in Miami, Oklahoma. She was a Cadet Nurse and received her nursing diploma from Jewish Hospital, St Louis in 1944. She received her BS from St Louis University in 1954 and her M.P.H. degree in public & mental health nursing from the University of Minnesota in 1957. She earned her Ph.D in Human Development from the University of Chicago in 1969. In 1958 she was recruited from the Visiting Nurse Service in Phoenix to help inaugurate the Arizona State University College of Nursing, where she was among the first three faculty members. She left ASU in 1964 to pursue her research and returned in 1967 to develop the initial graduate program in nursing.


ASU Retirees Association Video History Project interview with Ellamae Branstetter, taken in 2007, about her work at Arizona State University and the development of the field of Nurse Practitioner:

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Cadet Nurse
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Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri
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St. Louis
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