Eugenia "Jeanie" Blakesley Good

December 12, 1926 - July 6, 2012

Jeanie Blakesley Good began her nurse's training in 1945, right out of high school. She started at Montana College in Bozeman and continued her studies at Deaconess Hospital in Billings, which was followed by affiliations with various hospitals in Montana and Wyoming, where she learned different nursing skills.

Cadet Nurse training meant 3 years' round-the-clock training, day and night, including summers.

Jeanie knew that after training was over, she faced two years of service in the Army. "That was my commitment," she said. "If I finished training, then I would have to. And I would have done so gladly.

Read more about Jeanie's life in this book by her granddaughter, Heather Evagelatos Robertson.

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Blakesley Good
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Cadet Nurse
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Montana State College, Bozeman, Montana
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Portrait of Jeanie Good
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