Rena Arsenault McDonald

March 8, 1925 - February 4, 2014

Rena wrote: 

I graduated in 1946 from the New England Hospital for Women and Children in Roxbury, Massachusetts. This hospital has the history of graduating America's First Trained Nurse. Her name is Linda Richards.My dream in high school was to be a nurse. I therefore worked at this same hospital on weekends, holidays and summer vacation. The dietary department was my favorite place.I am one of eight children, and the Cadet Nurse Corps program was a blessing to me.My class had a yearbook that I treasure. It includes pictures and fond memories including cartoons.Our class during training had a dance for service men stationed in Boston. We were closely supervised. The dance was a great success as I met my husband there. He was a sailor from New Jersey stationed in Boston. We raised six children.I'll be 88 in March 2013.

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Arsenault McDonald
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Cadet Nurse
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New England Hospital for Women and Children, Roxbury, Massachusetts
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