Constance Abbey Steed

Passed away in 2004.

Diana Medal, Connie's daughter, writes: 

My mother, Constance Abbey Steed, R.N., was a U.S. Cadet Nurse and a graduate of the Los Angeles County General Hospital School of Nursing. I remember her stories about training, including the stress of 4 years of nursing college collapsed into 3 years for the war effort, to emergency cases at downtown Los Angeles. She hung hospital blackout curtains at night so that lights could not be seen by the enemy from the Pacific. She described passing California state boards, a 3 day process, in 1945.

How would U.S. hospitals at home have coped during WWII without the Cadet Nurses?

Last Name in Nursing School: 
Abbey Steed
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Cadet Nurse
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Nursing School: 
Los Angeles County General Hospital School of Nursing, California
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Los Angeles
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