Donors & Partners

We are most appreciative of financial contributions made in support of this website and other activities associated with our mission to build leadership in recognizing Cadet Nurses through advocacy, education, research, and partnership.

This list represents donations made since March 2016.

To our donors and partners, a hearty THANK YOU!

Alan Echt
Katie Simon
Lynne Miller

In memory of Helen Dora Parris Miller

Mina & David McAllister

In memory of Helen Dora Parris Miller

Susan Harowitz

via the Florine V. Harowitz Donor Advised Fund of the Richmond Foundation

Lara Bashkoff

In memory of Helen Dora Parris Miller

Elayne Phillips
Rosemary and Walter McBride

In memory of Alma B. Gelatko Marcella, a Cadet Nurse (July 1943 to February 1946),
St. Luke's & Children's Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA,
who passed away in February 2016.
With appreciation for her service.

Christine Meurn
Shirley Harrow